Volume 2 Chapter 6

[vol.2] Chapter 6 Meeting an old friend in a foreign place  This link has mouse over text. This is a link Lying down on a fragrant bed, his fingers subconsciously caress the smooth silk while digesting the words his father previously spoke to him. Although he knew that after arriving in the Capital he would […]

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[I am extremely sorry for my absence it’s a long story and I’m really grateful that no one has scolded me yet…I thank you for your patience ,this is an awesome chapter so hopefully you can forgive me (T~T)] Volume 2 Chapter 5 Secrets within the palace Summary of previous chapters This link has mouse […]

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Volume 2 Chapter 4

[vol.2] Chapter 4 Father and Son This link has mouse over text. This is a link Today, the country celebrates what is known as the golden age, including ten years of good harvest and favorable weather. Leading the rich to feel at ease. To some extent it could be said that throughout the ages this was […]

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Finding help

So I had a post I thought was up [forgive my *cough*stupid*cough*mistake] I have been translating Yay! albeit slowly due to the start of university, I have planned to ask friends who can speak Chinese (hopefully read it as well) to help me with parts that I don’t understand- which means the moment I gather […]

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Volume 2 Chapter 3

Volume 2 Chapter 3     Understanding* Ruo-Ruo (*actually Ruo-Ruo Shiming,釋名, Shiming dictionary uses puns on the pronunciation of headwords to explain their meaning)   (The fat young master’s image is very unsightly, is it not? I do not deliberately debase him, for twenty years ago that would have been me… Ah! Pitiful me.) Fan Xian sat […]

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I’m Back

😀 Ok sorry for the long wait everything is supposedly sorted, I wish I could say that I was able to translate during that time and give you some chapters as an apology, but unfortunately I was only able to start now /two days ago so please accept this one chapter where Ruo-Ruo shines  and […]

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I am so sorry about this, but due to some things that have come up I won’t be able to translate for a while, when things calm down hopefully I’ll be back to posting- sorry T-T

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